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Eliminating Cascading Trips with Turbomachinery Control Solutions

Discover how an effective control solution eliminated cascading trips at an LNG plant.

When a cascading trip causes a million-dollar piece of turbomachinery to shut down at an LNG plant, it causes a domino effect of problems beyond machine or process malfunction. A hard shutdown of a machine under full load shortens the lifespan of the machine because of the stress associated with the shutdown, plus the extra time needed to get an LNG train back online causes delays in production and profit loss. 

Avoiding cascading trips is the ideal turbomachinery control solution. 

An LNG plant gave us the task of resolving this issue. We needed to create a control system modification in which the compressors could operate with more independence, avoiding unnecessary machine trips caused by surge and excessive recycle that could overload the compressor drivers.

See how we did it.  

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